Our Mission is to amplify the force of philanthropy by connecting people, ideas and resources so that communities flourish

If the fund you would like to donate to is not listed below, you can use the Search field at the top of this page to look it up. If you would rather send your gift via check, please indicate the fund name in the memo section, make payable to Whatcom Community Foundation and send to 1500 Cornwall Ave, Ste 202, Bellingham, WA 98225.

If you have questions, please contact us at (360) 671-6463 or contact Missy Belles via email.

Thank you for giving back to your community!

Donate To Fund

Fund Name
2020 Census Program
4th Corner Elites Car Club Scholarship (Annual)
Acme Community Fund
Agape Home for Women and Children Endowment Fund
Alex Pempe Youth Runners' Fund
Amy Van Pelt and Joseph Jarzembowski Fund
Anderson Family Endowment Fund
Andrew G Ingram Memorial Scholarship
Anna Marie Brulotte Memorial Fund
Anvil Engineering & Science Scholarship Fund
Arch of Healing and Reconciliation Project
Asher A. Kinney Fly to Germany Scholarship Fund
AVID Shuksan Alumni Scholarship
Bachenberg Foundation Fund
Baird Family Scholarship (Annual)
Barbara Austin Foote Memorial Fund
Barbara Mathers-Schmidt & Robert H. Schmidt Scholarship (annual)
Bayview Fund
Beglin Fund
Bellingham Anesthesia Associates Scholarship (Annual)
Bellingham Bash Fastpitch Assocation Scholarship (annual)
Bellingham Central Lions Club Scholarship (Annual)
Bellingham Chamber Chorale Endowment for Choral Arts
Bellingham Education Association Scholarship
Bellingham Festival of Music Education Outreach Fund
Bellingham Festival of Music Endowment Fund
Bellingham Herald Evergreen Connections Project Fund
Bellingham High School Class of '53 Scholarship
Bellingham High School Class of '67 Scholarship (Annual)
Bellingham Parks and Recreation Endowment
Bellingham Public Library Designated Endowment Fund
Bellingham Public Library Fund - Capital
Bellingham Public Library Fund - Fairhaven Branch Materials
Bellingham Public Library Fund - Materials
Bellingham Public Library Fund - Unrestricted
Bellingham Public Schools Foundation Endowment
Bellingham Scholarship Fund
Bellingham Symphony Endowment Fund
Betty and Bob Tull Fund
BHS Class of '65 (Annual)
Big Pants Fund
Bill & Esther Keeney Family Fund
Blythe Cole Busch Fund for Literacy Development
Bobbi Phrank Fund
Bob & Diane Trunek Community Fund
Bob & Diane Trunek Fund
Bob & Echo Dorr Scholarship
Bob & Lois Nicholl Fund
Boreas Fund
Brett Allsop Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Brian and Marya Griffin Fund - II
Brian & Marya Griffin Community Fund
Brigid Collins Endowment Fund
Bruce Wolf Endowment Fund
Brudwick 5 Memorial Fund
Byron Elmendorf Park Fund
Calene Cameron LeBeau Memorial Fund
Captain Wendy Lawrence Scholarship (Annual)
Carol and Roy Ericsson Scholarship
Celedo Fund
Champagne Fund
Chase Family Fund
Child Savings Account Program
Christine Thompson Fund
Christopher & Kelly Knight Follis Foundation Fund
Clay Family Fund
Clayton D. Millage Scholarship Fund (Endowed)
Clayton D. Millage Scholarship Fund (Non-Endowed)
CMA Fund
Coal Export Health Impact Study Fund
CoJo Fund
Cole Interfaith Coalition Endowment Fund
Cole Whatcom Community College Endowment Fund
Commander Pete Oswald Scholarship
Compass Health Endowment
Coons Family Community Fund
CORC Endowed Fund
Craig & Sue Cole Endowment Fund for Mental Health
Custer Elementary PTO (Annual)
Dan Bartle Memorial Scholarship
Danny Fine Memorial Fund
Dave Nelson Memorial Foundation Scholarship (annual)
David Edward Fund
D. C. Morse Family Scholarship Fund
D.C. Morse Family Scholarship Fund (Non-Endowed)
Don & Ellen Easterbrook Scholarship (annual)
Dorothy and Harris Gonsalves Bellingham Public Library Endowment
Dorothy and Harris Gonsalves Memorial Scholarship Fund
Drake Family Fund
Eagleridge PTO Scholarship (Annual)
Earl & Sue's Fund for Animals
Elevate Fund
Emergency Food Assistance Program
Equity Endowment
Equity Fund (non-endowed)
Eric Braun Memorial Endowment for Cedar Tree Montessori
Fairhaven Alumni Scholarship Fund
Fairhaven Fund
Ferndale Band Boosters Endowment
Ferndale Double Dome Capital Fund
Ferndale Double Dome Fund
Ferndale Scholarship Endowment
Ferndale Scholarship Fund
Ferndale Scholarship Program Fund
Flavors of Whatcom Ethnic Food Festival Fund
Fragrance Garden Endowment Fund
Francis & Dorothy Lang Endowment
Fund for Whatcom County (Endowed)
Gary and Ann Blanken Fund
Geneva Elementary Inspirational Scholarship Fund
Genevieve E. Sharp Fund
Glenning Schoolyard Fund
Glenn & Janice Butler Fund
Gonsalves Endowment for the Whatcom Humane Society
GRADS Scholarship (Annual)
Haggen Food & Pharmacy Scholarship
Hannah Dashiell Memorial Scholarship
Healing Arch Scholarship Fund
Heather Marie Engels Memorial Scholarship
Immigrant Relief Fund
Immigrant Rights Bond Fund
Immigrant Rights Legal Defense Fund
Iris Fund
Janet Ott Fund
Jansen Art Center Fund
Jayme Clise Curley and David Leith Curley Family Fund
Jeanne & William Carroll Youth & Families Fund
Joan Beardsley Memorial Scholarship
Joan Beardsley Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)
John and Joyce Pedlow Community Fund
John & Helen Warden Memorial Music Scholarship
Joseph G. & Michael D. Hansen Scholarship Fund
Justin and Tricia Arceneaux Fund
Karl and Edwina Kleeman Community Fund
Kiera Duffy Fund
Kimberley Family Character Award Scholarship (annual)
Kimberley Family Fund
Kinder Fund
Kiwanis Club of Bellingham Scholarship
Lakeland Foundation
Larry G. Kinley Leadership Scholarship
LaVelle A "Vel" West Scholarship (annual)
Law Advocates Endowment Fund
Lee & RaVae Luckhart Arts & Culture Fund
Lee & RaVae Luckhart Environmental Fund
Liam Wood Environmental Fund
Life Rescue, Inc., Scholarship (annual)
Lighthouse Mission Endowment Fund
Liza & Dick Gossett Foundation Fund
Lori Poad Memorial Scholarship
Lydia Place Endowment Fund
Macpherson Family Scholarship Fund
Margie Freeman Memorial Scholarship
Margie & Steve Kimberley Family Character Award (Endowed)
Martin and Gail Haines Fund
Mary Ann Drake Fund for Cultural Diversity
Mary L. Seilo Memorial Scholarship
Mary Snapper Fund
Master Gardener Foundation of Whatcom County Endowment
Matia Fund
Matia II Fund
McClain Family Fund
McEvoy Family Scholarship (Annual)
McNeese Scholarship Fund
Meg Metzger Fund
Mike & Elaine McRory Fund
Mike Mischaikow Scholarship (Annual)
Mintz Charitable Fund
Moles Family Scholarship
Morse Steel Service Community Fund
Mount Baker School District Endowment for Children and Youth
Mount Baker Theatre Endowment Fund
Mr. Wood & Family Scholarship
Mumfords and Sons Fund
Murphy Evans Fund
Nicholas Moothart Scholarship Fund
Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Endowment
North Coast Cares Fund
Northside Dental Care Scholarship (Annual/Renewable)
Northwest Catalyst Fund
Northwest Youth Services Endowment Fund
Options High School Scholarship (Annual)
Paul and Ann Hanson Fund for the Environment
Paul and Jean Tholfsen Fund
Paul Skaggs Memorial Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter BQ Scholarship (annual)
Peters Family Fund
Phyllis & Charles Self Endowment Fund
Phyllis & Charles Self Fund
Pioneer Meadows Montessori School Endowment
Pitts Sportsmen's Fund
Posel Gockley Fund
Preserve II Endowed Fund
Preserve I Non-Endowed Fund
Project Neighborly Fund
Prosperity Initiative (CHA/CHP)
PTO at Skyline Elementary Scholarship (Annual)
Radock Charitable Fund
Radock Memorial Fund
Random Acts of Kindness Scholarship Fund
Reading Wheeler Fund
Resilience Fund
Richard & Elizabeth Gossett Fund
Ride C2C for Whatcom Community Foundation
Robertson Family Fund
Robyn J. du Pre Memorial Scholarship
Ronald Cyr Fund
Rosenfels Endowment Fund
Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation Scholarship (Annual)
Roy Georgeff Scholarship Fund
Samuel Fine Fund
Santosha Fund
Sara Johnson Fund
Save Our Spirits
Scholarship Program Fund
Security Solutions NW Fund
Sibyl Sanford Action Fund
Sibyl Sanford Fund
Smeltzer Family Scholarship Annual
South Fork Community Fund
Space Goat Creative Life Scholarship (Annual)
Steve & Karen Swan Family Fund (Endowed)
Stoane Family Fund
Strengthening NonProfits
Sue Jampsa Memorial Scholarship
Sunship Endowment for Animal Welfare
Sustainable Whatcom Fund
SW-Mission Inv
Tammy Zlotnik Fund
Ted Van Dyk Scholarship
The Firs Scholarship (annual)
The Leadership Fund
The Robert Bragg & George Muldrow Endowment for the Bellingham Public Library
Thomas and Jean Crowell Endowment Fund
Thomas & Martina Horn Foundation Scholarship (annual)
Thomas & Martina Horn Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Threshold Fund
Tim & Leslie Farris Scholarship (Annual)
Torno & Crosby Foster Children Transition Support Fund
Towanda Fund
Tucker Family Foundation Scholarship
Uncle Alfred's Trust
Van Pelt Family Scholarship
Vicky Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund (Endowed)
Vonda Lynne Polinkus Memorial Fund
Wade King Scholar-Athlete Scholarship
Wesley D. Martinsen Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Wesley D. Martinsen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Whatcom Arts & Culture Fund
Whatcom Coalition for Environmental Education Fund
Whatcom County Drug Court Fund
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Blaine Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Deming Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Everson Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Ferndale Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Island Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Lynden Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for North Fork Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Point Roberts Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for South Whatcom Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment for Sumas Library
Whatcom County Library Foundation Endowment Fund
Whatcom Dollars for Scholars Program
Whatcom Farmland Preservation Fund
Whatcom Farm to School Fund
Whatcom Food Security Fund
Whatcom Fund for the Environment
Whatcom Hills Waldorf School Capital Fund
Whatcom Hills Waldorf School Legacy Fund
Whatcom Land Trust Endowment
Whatcom Literacy Council Endowment
Whatcom Museum Endowment
Whatcom Nonprofit Sector Fund
Whatcom Peace Fund
Whatcom Scholarship Fund
Whatcom Unified Command Fund
Whatcom Unified Emergency Operating Center Resilience Fund
Whatcom Youth & Families Fund
William and Judy McCourt Scholarship
Wilma Grace Baird Scholarship (Annual)
W. Ingram Family BTC Fisheries & Aquaculture Science Scholarship
W. Ingram Family Scholarship
Women Sharing Hope Scholarship (Annual)
Wynne Memorial Scholarship
Youth Philanthropy Project
Youth Philanthropy Project Endowment
Zach Bouchard Memorial Scholarship (Annual)
Zielstra Fund