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Fund Name Description
Operating Funds
The Leadership Fund Your gift to the Community Foundation Leadership Fund supports our innovative programs and services which are focused on building a stronger and more resilient community through collaborative partnerships that connect people, ideas, resources, and opportunities for greater impact.
Special Project
Growing a Biliterate Community Fund Your gift will support a Spanish-language community read program co-created by parents, teachers and staff at Madison Elementary School in Mount Vernon. This rich, innovative program celebrates the Spanish language, powerfully models and fosters literacy, and thoughtfully nurtures meaningful, reciprocal relationships among school community stakeholders. If enough funding is raised, the program can expand to other schools and engage even more parents, teachers, staff and administrators.
College Savings Account Program
Arch of Healing and Reconciliation Project The Arch of Healing and Reconciliation will be erected as a monument to honor the brave immigrants from China, India, and Japan and in recognition of all immigrants who came to America since the 1800s, seeking better life opportunities for themselves and their families through hard work and determination. If you would like to give via check, please make check payable to Whatcom Community Foundation with Arch of Healing and Reconciliation Project (AHAR) in the memo section and mail to: Whatcom Community Foundation, 1500 Cornwall Avenue, Ste 202, Bellingham, WA 98225
Field of Interest
Byron Elmendorf Park Fund To support Bellingham Park Projects, in memory of Byron Elmendorf who enjoyed to spend time outdoors with those he loved.
Project Neighborly Project Neighborly invites ideas to, you guessed it, foster neighborliness. Rural or urban, event or art installation, the possibilities are endless. We are doing our best to make it as easy for all types of groups (not just nonprofits) to participate.
Resilience Fund grantmaking for disaster preparedness and support
Threshold Fund Contributing to the Threshold Fund advances affordable housing solutions in Whatcom County
Whatcom Arts and Culture Endowment Fund in support of competitive grants in the Arts and Culture field of interest.
Whatcom Endowment for the Environment supports grantmaking to environmental causes in Whatcom County
Whatcom Youth & Families Endowment Fund supports grantmaking for youth and families in Whatcom County
Bellingham Public Schools Foundation Endowment To support the life-transforming possibilities of education. Strong public schools are a hallmark of our democracy - the great equalizer where the American dream takes shape. The endowment secures a legacy of excellent education and opportunity for our community's children - now and for generations to come.
Friends of KMRE Fund KMRE-LP 102.3 FM is a community radio station providing access for the entire community to tell their stories and distribute them throughout Whatcom County and the world. The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial resources to make it possible for KMRE to transition from its current status as a program of the Spark Museum to a program of another existing entity (i.e., another nonprofit, higher education institution, etc.) or to a newly formed nonprofit organization.
WCF Grantmaking
Fund for Whatcom County to support thoughtful, responsive grantmaking in Whatcom County
Scholarship - DFS
Bellingham Scholarship Fund Bellingham Scholarship Fund of Whatcom Community Foundation to provide scholarships to high school seniors graduating from any Bellingham high school to pursue post-secondary education
Ferndale Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to Ferndale high school seniors to pursue post-secondary education
Whatcom Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to Whatcom County high school seniors to pursue post-secondary education
Scholarships - non DFS
Healing Arch Scholarship Fund to support scholarships for first generation students to go to college
Mission Investments
Northwest Catalyst Fund in support of technical assistance to Northwest Innovation Resource Center Client Entrepreneurs as well as start-up loan capital for those clients eligible for a Fund-guaranteed loan.
Committee Advised
Youth Philanthropy Project to provide an opportunity for high school students to learn the joys and responsibilities of charitable giving and to truly make a difference by recommending grants to environmentally-focused organizations in Whatcom County
Other Funds
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